Guess Who: Indiana Politics Edition

It’s been an amazing decade in Indiana politics, full of thrilling story lines and rapid rises.

In the last four years alone, we’ve had six new statewide officeholders, two new Statehouse caucus leaders, two new Congressmen, a new US Senator, and a new Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

With all that turnover, we at Indiana Explained are releasing a new game to help you learn your government leaders. And it’s just in time for the holidays.

That’s right, it’s time for “Guess Who: Indiana Politics Edition”. We took the classic kids’ game where you ask yes or no questions to determine your opponent’s secret identity, and added the faces of the top government officials in the state.

Here’s how to start the fun today.

Step 1: Buy “Guess Who?” As of this writing, you can grab it at Target for $11.99 or Amazon for $16.94 if saving money isn’t your thing.

Step 2: Click on each of the three images below and download the PDF sheets. Credit to the creator over at instructables, where I got the templates (note: discredit because his templates weren’t the right size, so I had to redo them).

Step 3: Call Kinkos. Print each of the pdfs on 80-lb. cardstock, color, front and back. Tell them not to resize the images. Should cost you less than $15. Use their slide cutter (following the lines on the back of the cards), or buy an exacto knife and cut them in the privacy of your own home so people don’t think you’re weird.

Step 4: Assemble the game. Depending on how good you are at cutting, you might have to trim a little bit extra to get them to fit.

Step 5: Play! You can go the traditional route and allow appearance questions (Are you a female? Are you wearing glasses? Do you have brown hair?). Or you can play in expert/nerd mode, allowing only government questions (Are you a Republican? Are you in the legislative branch? Do you support needle exchanges?)

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