Evan Bayh running for Senate from Indiana, but where does he live? 11

If you drive south on Ditch Road from Carmel, you’ll see a number of estate homes. These are mansions suited for a U.S. Senator, cable news contributor, lobbyist, or corporate board millionaire.

But keep driving south, past those homes. Go to 86th Street. Take a left at the Speedway station where Augustus Waters went for cigarettes in The Fault In Our Stars. Go past the Salvation Army and take a right into the Cantebury Condominium homes.

Cantebury Condos, where Evan Bayh claims Indiana residency. His unit is valued at $53,000.

Cantebury Condos, where Evan Bayh claims Indiana residency. His unit is valued at $53,000.

This is where you’ll find former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh, in a . Well, at least that’s where tax documents say you could find him. In a 996 square foot condo valued at $53,000. But chances are

you will more likely find him in one of three multi-million dollar properties he and his wife own in places that aren’t Indiana.

We’ll start with his most recent purchase. Last year, Evan and his wife Susan purchase a $2.9 million row house in Georgetown.

“It’s really simple. We have twin sons who went off to college last fall, my wife really wanted to downsize, and we didn’t need as much space,” Bayh told me in a phone interview. “It’s the age-old story. The wife wanted to move. The husband didn’t. So we moved.”

Oh, to be able to downsize into something a little more quaint. We’re on a budget, so nothing more than $3 million, please.

To be fair, the Bayh’s did put their $2.6 million Washington D.C. mansion (that’s the photo at the top of this post, courtesy of dc.curbed.com) on the market when they bought the Georgetown tildenhome. But they didn’t sell it, and they took it off the market four months after it was first listed.

According to Zillow, they dropped the price by $120,000, but with no takers, they took it off the market, and have been sitting on it — not for sale — for more than a year.

Two multi-million dollar homes in our nation’s capital is great. But where are we to go for vacation? Thankfully, the Bahys have solved that problem with a 2012 purchase of a waterfront penthouse in Key Biscayne.

Google Earth view of the Bayh's penthouse condo on the beach.

Google Earth view of the Bayh’s penthouse condo on the beach.

The penthouse is steps from the beach in Miami-Dade County. The Bayhs just paid a property tax bill of $57,000. That’s more than their Indianapolis home is worth.

The issue of residence has been litigated in Indiana before. Literally. In 1998, Evan Bayh was sued as he ran for governor because he lived in Virginia.

The courts determined that residency basically is where you say it is. So, yes, it’s probably legal for Bayh to run for U.S. Senate from Washington D.C.

But every time the question comes up, it’s also litigated in the court of public opinion. In 2010, opponents unsuccessfully made the case that Dan Coats didn’t live in Indiana. In 2012, Richard Mourdock successfully made the case that Dick Lugar didn’t live here.

Regardless of the outcome, it will almost certainly be a major point of discussion for the next four months.

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11 thoughts on “Evan Bayh running for Senate from Indiana, but where does he live?

  • Deborah Mason King

    I lived in Indiana for the last 20 years, with the last 10 yrs. being in Carmel, IN. The natives in Indiana believe in doing things “the way we’ve always done it.” Hence, Coats left the state, returned, and was re-elected. Dick Lugar maintained his Senate seat a long time even though he was ineffective. Indiana had U.S. Reps who just continually kept getting reelected whether they were effective or not. Bayh had a habit of doing one thing in DC and tell Hoosiers the opposite. But, based on Hoosier mentality, Evan Bayh will probably get elected, again. Pathetic.

    • Jayne

      And that makes those with a “Hoosier mentality” different from those in other states, how, exactly?

      I guess you’ve not bothered to educate yourself on the countless polls that have shown for decades that while people disapprove of Congress, they love their own.

  • Vince

    Evan Bayh’s whole attempt to run for Senate right now is a con. He not only hasn’t spent time in Indiana for over 15 years, he kept $10 million in campaign funds to use as “slush money” for pet projects. That’s more that ANYONE else kept in a campaign fund.

  • Ann

    Evan Bayh still is speaking out from the side of his mouth.
    I had thought since Bayh was part of http://www.nolabels.org, he would stand away from the democrats he chastised a few years ago. And he said Boron Hill left in his own? Spoken like a true democrat.

  • Joyce L Stien

    I am a Republican who voted for Evan Bayh for governor as well as US senator. I will not vote for him in 2016 as it is obvious by his residences that he does not represent Indiana.

    • Jayne

      Same here, Joyce. His record of voting 96% with Obama, 85% with Hillary, and being such great friends with Hillary should hopefully do him in here. Not to mention, his vote in favor of Obamacare and his filibustering of both Roberts and Alito prove he became a leftwing hack once he got to Washington. He absolutely does not represent his constituents and hasn’t since he left the state long ago.

  • Brian

    Evan Bayh,
    Is just another political figure that wants to keep plundering American,s wealth. His commercials are completely false and complete lies. If the had to tell the truth we would have complete silence.
    Bayh aligns himself with Obama, yet tells you he’s a fiscal conservative.

  • Judi Seel

    Maybe it is time we elect a Senator from IN who might really care about IN and not just being a Senator. Evidently being a lobbyist wasn’t his cup of tea. Supposedly he left Senate because of problems with politicians – what has changed? Maybe he should try getting elected in a state where he pays more property taxes than he does in IN. Anyone wonder how many times he ever stayed at his condo before deciding to give the Senate another try. Because he sure didn’t return to IN when he left the Senate or when his boys left high school – the things that were supposedly keeping him away.

  • Spider Harrison

    Hope run and win Senator.

    Spider Harrison former PD at WTLC-FM. Know Attorney Jim Beaty and Sen. Richard Lugar, etc.

    My daughter graduated from IU when you and Jane Pauley was speakers at the commencement. It rained that Saturday. I live California now, on the air in Nashville nightly. You will win in November and still have friends and family in “Naptown” : – )