Indiana Explained Explained

Hey Hoosiers, welcome to the experiment known as Indiana Explained.

It’s a cliche, but every so often, you’ll hear an Indiana politician break the ice in a speech by talking about how Indiana can be a confusing place. After all, they say, South Bend is in the north and North Vernon is in the south and “French Lick isn’t what you think it is.”

Of all the things that might confuse a non-Hoosier, that’s got to be the worst example.  I’ve always been more perplexed that Jeffersonville is the county seat of Clark County instead of, you know, Jefferson County, which is right next door.

And we have a Greensboro, a Greenwood, a Greencastle, a Greentown, a Greenville, a Greensburg, a Greenfield, a Greendale, a Greens Fork, and a John Green, but none of those can be found in Greene County.

We root for the Cubs, Cardinals, or Reds, but not often the White Sox.

We vote Republican, except when we don’t.

We’re on Eastern time, except when we’re not.

We watch the 500, except not on TV.

We can figure out the area of circle, except when we couldn’t.

And you have to drive across the border to buy alcohol on Sunday, unless you don’t have a car, in which case you are screwed, because you can’t buy one of those until Monday either, you poor planner, you.

It’s an unknowable mystery, Indiana. But it is our mission to reveal it to you here.

At it’s core, this is a blog about politics and government. That’s my background. I’ve worked in communications in the Indiana Senate, state GOP, and lieutenant governor’s office. I wrote partisan and occasionally humorous stuff at Frugal Hoosiers, and later Capital and Washington. A reporter once referred to me in print as “a Statehouse wag”, a term I had to lookup but now wear with pride.

This site will be markedly less partisan. Though I’m still a Republican, this site is to inform and entertain rather than score political points or sway you one way or the other. Besides, studies have shown the desire to Partisanshipbash the other side in a public forum goes down at my age, only to rise again when the children leave the house.

Hopefully there will be more than a politics site, though. The aim is to make it a place where I can spout off about sports, pop culture, news, history, and anything else that I can pretend to know something about.

After all, I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life. From growing up in the country, to attending Ball State University, working as a reporter, walking the halls of the Statehouse, and now raising a family in the ‘burbs, I’ve learned a lot.

And there’s a lot about Indiana that needs explaining.