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From Indiana Explained global headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, it’s pretty easy to get a sandwich. In a five-block radius, I can access seven different Subway restaurants. There’s the one with the crazy lady by the Statehouse. There’s one in the Hyatt, where the crazy lady doesn’t work, but they don’t […]

The absurd state of auto dealer laws

After Jeb Bush dropped out of the 2016 presidential race last week, a few of my Jeb-supporting friends voiced concern over the rest of the GOP. Their argument, in large part, was that presidents should serve as a Governor, or at the very least as some sort of executive so that they […]

Experience of every U.S. President

History teachers across the country had a mild heart attack during the Grammys when Google tweeted this: “Who is Alexander Hamilton?” spiking on Google search during #Grammys as #Hamilton wins Best Musical Theater album — GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) February 16, 2016 The twittersphere was all over that one. How could […]

A lesson on the Grammys and Google Trends

Later this week, the Indiana Elections Commission will hear challenges against Todd Young for what opponents say is a failure to meet Indiana’s ballot access laws. We covered the brief history of such ballot challenges last week. We think Young will stay on the ballot, and he may in fact come […]

U.S. Senate ballot access laws by state

Movies are about suspending disbelief. You’re watching a piece of fiction, so of course there are going to be things that are implausible. You just have to go along with most of them, but some plot holes are too goofy to ignore. The quintessential example is Gremlins. Anyone who was around […]

Supreme Court 2: The New Batch

A couple weeks ago at IE, we posted an early celebration of the life and death of the cursive handwriting mandate. The bill is still dying a slow and painful death in the House Education Committee, but the cause is spreading. Today, the handwriting debate was featured on the Freakonomics […]

Freakonomics tackles handwriting

In politics, there is nothing new under the sun. Everything that is happening has happened before and will probably happen again. Keep that in mind when you think about Indiana Democrats’ challenge of Todd Young’s U.S. Senate Primary signatures. In 2008, I was at my desk in Indiana GOP headquarters […]

A brief history of ballot signature challenges

Have you ever kept something — a bold prediction, a funny comment, a great idea — to yourself, only to regret it later when it comes true, they use the joke on SNL, or someone else invents it? That’s how we feel now after last night’s result in Iowa, where a […]

How would Indiana break an election tie?