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If you live in Indiana and have a pulse, you probably received a legislative survey or two in the past couple of weeks. And having created these franked mail pieces and worked with these lists in my career, I’m not so sure you even need a pulse. Today, I got […]

In which I respond to my legislative survey

At the Statehouse this year, there is a battle brewing. A battle that involves deeply and sincerely held beliefs. A battle that could very well determine the economic and social future of Indiana. A battle that all comes down to four words and a comma. Or, if you prefer, four […]

Four Words and an Oxford Comma

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that not all Joint Resolutions are created equal. For the second year in a row, State Rep. Ryan Dvorak has introduced a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that removes all gender-specific references. House Joint Resolution 1 is a proposed amendment that would […]

A New Constitutional Apersondment

Hamilton Candidates
Now that the calendar has officially turned to 2016 it’s more socially acceptable to talk about the presidential election out in the open. Every political writer worth their salt has posted something this week resetting the stage for Iowa and beyond. Personally, I have not checked the worth of my […]

The “Hamilton” lyric for each 2016 candidate