At some point in the middle of the breathless Beto O’Rourke coverage last week, a tweet floated by my screen reminding me that the former Congressman completed a rare feat during his ill-fated 2018 campaign. He visited every county in the state of Texas. Ah, counties. Those mysterious local units […]

Could a 2020 candidate visit every U.S. county?

Last year, our Christmas present to the Indiana political environment was a Guess Who game full of Indiana elected officials. It was a smash hit, with literally dozens of people clicking on all the instructions before deciding it would be too much work to actually assemble. So this year, we […]

The Indiana Politics Logic Puzzle

It’s been an amazing decade in Indiana politics, full of thrilling story lines and rapid rises. In the last four years alone, we’ve had six new statewide officeholders, two new Statehouse caucus leaders, two new Congressmen, a new US Senator, and a new Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court. […]

Guess Who: Indiana Politics Edition

The worst time for sports and the worst time for Indiana state government coincide. We’re entering the Dog Days of Summer, where we’re slogging through the longest part of baseball season and the best things happening at the Statehouse are brutal study committees. That’s why, a couple weeks ago, a […]

Is Indiana Really on Track to Lose a Seat in ...

“Everyone Is Wrong” is an occasional series in which Jay examines a popular position and goes the other way. To read previous EIWs, click here.   In a last gasp effort to redeem itself, 2016 turned to America’s Pastime. In the new MLB collective bargaining agreement signed last night, the baseball powers that be rolled […]

Everyone Is Wrong About: The MLB All-Star Game

Yesterday, a “news” article came across our Twitter feed that made us roll our eyes. I’m not talking about the eye roll a teenager gives his mom when she tries to dab either. That’s minor. I’m talking a huge, pluck-your-eyes-from-your-face-and-kingpin-them-down-the-bowling-alley eye roll. INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Democratic Party is apparently […]

I spent $11 to make this point

By now, you’ve heard Donald Trump has been in Indianapolis since last night, finalizing his decision on a running mate.  What you haven’t seen is how the decision was made: group text. Indiana Explained was able to obtain an exclusive copy of the group text messages between the candidates.  

Donald Trump Texts Potential Running Mates

If you drive south on Ditch Road from Carmel, you’ll see a number of estate homes. These are mansions suited for a U.S. Senator, cable news contributor, lobbyist, or corporate board millionaire. But keep driving south, past those homes. Go to 86th Street. Take a left at the Speedway station […]

Evan Bayh running for Senate from Indiana, but where does ...

Last week, former Indiana Congressman Baron Hill announced he would walk across the state in his campaign for U.S. Senate. In a race where he is a severe underdog with an even more severe dollar disadvantage, he’ll need every gimmick he can think of. It’s a solid ploy, and one that […]

Ranking Indiana Campaign Gimmicks

UPDATE: With the announcement of Mike Pence and Tim Kaine as the 2016 running mates, we have updated the chart below by removing the finalists who weren’t chosen. Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine are the 7th and 8th oldest tickets ever. To answer a recent Twitter question, yes, this does appear to […]

We may be voting for the oldest Presidential ticket ever

It has been a rough couple of days for State Superintendent Glenda Ritz. Her announcement with Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg of a plan to fund statewide pre-k received little attention, and her nomination at the Democratic State Convention was overshadowed by ethics questions. The Associated Press’ Brian Slodysko reported […]

More ethics problems for Glenda Ritz?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our idea for a judicial Rooney Rule to increase the diversity of our state courts. At the time, we cited some stats from 2002, because numbers from the legal field were pretty hard to come by. Today, a nationwide study called Gavel Gap was […]

Diversity on the bench

The only thing smaller than Donald Trump’s hands is his pathetic campaign bank account. He has a mere $1.2 million on hand. Can you pick the six Hoosiers with larger campaign coffers?

Indiana Explained Quiz: Cash on Hand

Tonight, American Ninja Warrior will air the regional episode filmed here in Indianapolis. As you prepare to gather around your television-watching devices tonight, take this quiz to see if you can match the Ninja Warrior obstacle with the correct 2016 election figure.     >

American Ninja Politicians

If you’re like me (spoiler alert: you probably aren’t), you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how you would fund government if you were building Indiana from scratch. Maybe you’re a person who thinks property taxes are evil and should be abolished. Maybe you aspire to eliminate all individual income […]

Design Indiana’s tax system from scratch